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Cartoning Machine


This machine is applied to automatically box packing for medicine board, medicine bottle, soft box with palletized granule and ointment. Such as automatically boxing package of medicine, cosmetics, pill and eye drop.

Operating instructions can be folded automatically (1times-4times, at random). It adopts imported electric component parts, PLC controller, and contact screen and frequency con-version speed adjusting technology. The cam has gone through the surface treatment by use of French AIKO technology. This machine features stable performance, compact structure and beautiful appearance. It can replace different specification, while it's un-necessary to replace. It can replace different specification, while it's un-necessary to replace the moulds. And it can automatically print stainless steel stamp. (1row-4row). It has multi-function identification system. Automatically stopping or elimination when no tablets or vials are available; Automatically stopping when boxes are jammed for medicine protection purpose; Automatically stopping in case of over-load; Automatically eliminating when no operating instruction is available.

Packing Speed 80-120 Boxes/minute
Packing Dimension(mm) L75-110  W45-70  H15-30
Dimensions For Instruction(mm) (70-200)×(70-140)
Total Power 1.2Kw
Voltage 308V  50Hz
Air Consumption 5-8L/minute
Vacuum Suction Force 0.6mpa(with imported vacuum pump)
Weight 850-1000Kgs
Dimensions For Appearance(mm) (1500-2500)×1250×(1650-1700)
Requirement For Paper Box 250-350g/m 2
Requirement For Instruction 50-65g/m 2



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